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Build Services Venture with lots of Romanticism

Service Class Orgs are supposed to be Romantic !

Great,, Wipro reviving back Ashok Soota days. The first prerequisite of a Services Company is that you have to be a bit ‘Restrained’ in whatever you do across Business,Operations & Technology.

A Rock-star CEO will always harm a Service Sector or any big Organization. Wipro of 1998-2000 groomed by Ashok Soota was much more productive, efficient and aggressive than Wipro of 2010-2011 groomed by Vivek Paul.

I can say this after my 2 different stints at Wipro

 IT Services is to be done pretty Romantic Middle Class way !! You should neither be Penny Counting Boot-Strapping,neither Splurging types.
 Infosys after making some money, built Swanky Campuses, giving more scope of Time- Wastage,Productivity loss, Resources loss. TCS never built a Campus, just individual offices !

Learn from Tatas to Groom Resources from inside rather than always looking Outwards

Reading the Autobiography of ex TCS CEO S.Ramdorai, I can’t help but  appreciating the fact that how Tata grooms its Managers & Leaders to handle big Money too !
unlike the Start-Ups which recruit mostly from outside in Good Times . I believe in grooming all the employees to be apt for all the stages of growth, so that they only benefit in Good Times.