Build Services Venture with lots of Romanticism

Build Services Venture with lots of Romanticism

Service Class Orgs are supposed to be Romantic !

Great,, Wipro reviving back Ashok Soota days. The first prerequisite of a Services Company is that you have to be a bit Restrained in whatever you do across Business,Operations & Technology.

A Rock-star CEO will always harm a Service Sector or any big Organization. Wipro of 1998-2000 groomed by Ashok Soota was much more Productive, Efficient and Aggressive than Wipro of 2010-2011 groomed by Vivek Paul..
Azim Premji and Wipro are our Role-Models at Gyansevak in all aspects of Managements viz Technology, Operations and Marketing and Values.
Gaming is my Bread-Winner but in parallel have Passion for Building IT Services Company… Mentoring few ! , Gives me Peace & Happiness..
Must say IT Services is to be done pretty Romantic Middle Class way !! You should neither be Penny Counting Boot-Strapping,neither Splurging types.
Just be so Middle Class ! Infosys after making some money, built Swanky Campuses, giving more scope of Time- Wastage,Productivity Loss, Resources Loss. TCS never built a Campus, just individual offices !
Also a mix of Senior-Junior resources needed and there should be respect across. My 2 Roles,one at Voxta and Current one have been like Stallone in Expendables,but I never totally ditched the Old Team for Young one, Kept balance !!
Watching ‘Expendables’ and ‘Men in Black’ series a must for any Tough, Dirty Start-up CXO. You need the attitude.
Opt for Jobs which give Long Term Value rather than some Quick Bucks

Good for India. Will enhance the Career Duration of Senior Professionals of IT Industry..and also for the Juniors.Senior guys must become more Hands-On, though I am a Hardcore Coder till now !

Mechanical Eng Innovations mostly died with Stalin after WW2.

Western Countries don’t need Innovations in Mech. Eng. but India does, very long term scope here.

Service Class sectors are like old Mechanical  Engineering Jobs.

Learn from Tatas to Groom Resources from inside rather than always looking Outwards
Reading the Autobiography of ex TCS CEO S.Ramdorai, I can’t help appreciating the fact that how Tata grooms its Managers & Leaders to handle big Money too !
unlike the Start-Ups which recruit mostly from outside in Good Times . I believe in grooming all the employees to be apt for all the stages of growth, so that they only benefit in Good Times.

Working with Women at Positions of Power who are Good Looking too !

 Way Smruti Irani is haunted, harassed by Media despite ‘Not so Bad’ Performance proves that we have to walk much distance before we can digest “Good Looking” Women at Position of Power.
but I have been Lucky enough to Work at Wipro, where Good Looking Women at ‘Position of Power’ is a norm.
Its not only me, even ultra Conservative Saudi Arabia feels the same way. Saudis are opening all Women SEZ with Wipro.
Just an Indication that in next 20 yrs IT Services companies main Role will be to drive Technology/Process enabled Social Change.