Utilizing the 45 yrs plus Software Professionals in Defence,R&D

Utilizing the 45 yrs plus Software Professionals in Defence,R&D

Defense is the next IT for India for Job generation


India should be able to produce 20000 Tejas jets,30000 Bheesma Tanks,Cannons etc on short notice

coz any Rogue org can scale up, take over multiple nations including their armies and then attack India,

Luckily India has lots of software guys who are 45+ now and can work from home or for 2-4 hrs everyday for Rs30-50k per month for Defense R&D projects.

I can Work for HAL Lucknow ! It had Officers Mess in 1998, I used to go for Food only ! Rs 3.5/ Plate.

Females must lead IT Industry at lower Salaries


Like Army, make the Retirement age of Males at 45 & Females at 50 yrs. Guys should work in Defense R&D or Teaching till 75 ( if they live !) for small Salary. India’s Military/Infra Problems will be solved .

Females like my Wipro GM must lead till 50 , coz they bring Stability & Peace across for whatever time someone Works with them !

IT Industry needs  lots of Women Leaders to bring Good Work-Life Balance and ensure consistent Output Volume with quality.

IT Industries must start behaving as Old Brick&Mortar company



Ambani & Adani’s employees work till retirement & few take pensions too.

Reason any Govt favors Ambani & Adani , while the Middle Class Culture Tech Firms keep making it difficult for everyone around ! Can’t let even one generation phase out peacefully ! Even Sugar Companies with few crores profits give long term employment

Ambani,Adani do what Stalin would have preferred Peace-Time Russia to do. Build such huge Jobs generating ventures but profitable too.